Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Touch Screen E-reader, Kindle Paperwhite

An e-reader, also known as an example, e-book reader is a mobile electronic device designed for use to read digital e-books and periodicals.

It is made to optimize readability especially in any lighting environment. The e-reader is also designed to be portable for the user to move with it to places without much strain.
If downloading and reading e-books is your thing, then a handheld e-reader like Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon is the gadget for you.

Kindle Paperwhite is a 6inch Wi-First or 3G High Resolution Display e-reader which reads like a real book. More than any other e-reader I have tried and way more than any available tablet.
The latest version, the 2013 release of Kindle Paperwhite delivers a comfortable reading experience. No eye strains for hours of reading. The adjustable reading brightness levels enables you to read in any lighting environment, whether in bright sunlight or complete darkness.

The battery life is quite excellent, reading several books in days without charging. It's extremely light weight, at 7. 3 ounces enables you to hold it for a long time in your hand without much strain
I have carried through airports, train and bus stations without much effort.

Time left in chapter indicator features tells you how long you will take to finish reading the chapter based on your reading speed. This is a great feature especially when traveling, whether you can squeeze a few lines before reaching your destination.

Turning to the next page is much easier than when reading a physical book. With a tap of a finger the touch-screen technology makes it quite easy and enjoyable when reading your e-book.
There is no need to transfer files from a computer. All you need to do is to borrow e-books from your local library and download them to your gadgets.

Kindle Paperwhite enables you to track your progress and will let you go back to where you left from your reading session. It is to switch between other devices such as iPad, Smartphone Kindle Fire and other electronic devices.

As far as I am concerned this is the best e-reader so far produced compared to other e-readers available. You can load quite a number of e-books, around 1000, at a time.
A Wi-First type e-reader is selling at $119 special offer version while advertisement free it goes for $139. A 3G version is available around $179

If this is an e-reader for you then check it out on Amazon.

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