Saturday, 5 July 2014

Amazon Fire Phone

Fire Phone has a supercharged bar-code scanner which you can use to scan virtually anything from a magazine, a bottle of wine, advertising sign you name it.The Fire phone is used to buy more stuff from Amazon using the most distinctive feature on the phone.

The Fire phone has image, text, and audio recognition technology which enables you to identify movies, books, and many other items, infact over 100 million items, using a dedicated button on the phone.

With the phone you will be able to identify web email addresses, phone numbers, bar codes and so on  and take action within seconds.

The camera sensors on the phone are able to send an email to a new contact after scanning their business card.
The Fire phone can also be used to find out if a certain product is available on Amazon for less money and order it from your phone.

The Fire phone feature is able to recognise 70 million products, 35 million songs, 245000 movies  and TV episodes and 160 live TV channels.

The face and head tracking cameras are certainly impressive technology.

Amazon Fire Phone comes with different innovation. It has five cameras at the front, one is the traditional front snapper and the other four are part of the Amazon Fire Phone Dynamic Perspective Feature. Dynamic Perspeqctive Feature tracks your head, and works out the distance it is from the screen, to produce 3D-like graphics on-screen.
Users with motion sickness might not like the Dynamic Perspective option. It reminds them of the parallax motion on iOS7, a feature that frustrated a number of iPhone and iPad users. However, you can turn this feature off in Amazon Fire. The feeling is that Amazon has created a mobile device that speaks to its customers, Fire Phone.

The Fire phone will be availble on the shelf by 25th July 2014 though you can preorder it now.

The phone is available only on AT&T's network. Shop Amazon - Get the New Fire Phone

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